Decoration for Executive Desks

Executive Desk

Decorating for Executive Desks

Desk decorations don’t have to be tacky or stereotypical, and just because you have an executive desk doesn’t mean you can’t add a few personal touches. Personalizing your office can lead to better productivity and a positive impression on visitors. There are many ways to make an executive desk feel a little more like home.

For many, sitting at a desk takes up a large portion their life. The office surrounding becomes your home for 7-10 hours out of every day. Some may even spend more time at the office than anywhere else. Whether or not you spend a lot of time at your desk, decorating it to provide a touch of personal style can be positive for your health. Here are a few easy ways to decorate an executive desk.


Add green plants to your desk. Plants are not only attractive in indoors spaces, but provide health benefits. They filter the air, creating a safer environment in your office. Ivy and chrysanthemums have been proven to do a particularly good job of ridding the air of toxins. There are many different plants to choose from, so find something that is nice to look at and promotes a healthful environment at the office.


Use a desk lamp. Having a lamp on your desk looks professional and provides different lighting than the traditional fluorescents found in most office spaces. Lamps that use full spectrum light actually mimic the light we see outside. These lights have many health benefits, like relieving stress hormone levels, improving mood, and maintaining eye health. Picking which lamp to place on your desk or right beside it can be fun! There are many styles and shades to choose from, and all throw off different ambient lighting.


Keep a puzzle handy. Many workplaces now promote doodling and fidgeting, because it can improve focus and retention. Try promoting innovation in your office by placing a few puzzles or toys around to help your brain stay fresh. Zen gardens, perpetual motion sets, and puzzles all provide a touch of personality and a reminder that inspiration can come from anywhere. Desk knickknacks have the added benefit of being icebreakers or conversation starters for difficult meetings.

Scent Therapy

Use aromatherapy to de-stress. Having an essential oil warmer or diffuser in your office can relieve anxiety while improving mood and productivity. Choose muted scents for the office, however, because overpowering scents may cause a problem with anyone who is sensitive to smells. Ask before using essential oils in your office if you have a concern about bothering anyone in close proximity.


Pictures of family are always important to keep in an office setting. They can remind you why you work and what’s truly important in life. They can also serve as conversation starters and bonding points with colleagues and business acquaintances. The potential for connectivity through family or friends is extremely important for building lasting business relationships. If you are single, consider adding pictures of pets and friends or a meaningful vacation. Pictures are a great way to promote connectivity.

Decorate Your Executive Desk.

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Ideas For Improving Your Cubicle


Improving Your Cubicle

When your work environment is drab, it’s hard to want to be there at all. It might surprise you how great an effect sprucing up your cubicle with a few decorations can have on your attitude and your productivity. It can be hard to know where to begin, but looking for inspiration is the first step!

An office plant is a great addition to any cubicle. If you work in a more conservative workspace where decorations aren’t very common, offices rarely object to employees keeping a plant or two. Having a living thing that needs your care at your workplace can have an amazing emotional effect – and that effect translates into greater productivity and happiness at work.

If you’ve never kept a plant in your office before, be sure to start small. An experienced plant keeper may at times even forget to take into account the unique factors of keeping office plants – the lighting, the fact that you will often be distracted by work, and that fallen leaves might be a problem in the shared space of an office. Cacti are classic office plants that require little work. There are many options for cactus plants.

Other common office plants include philodendrons, Boston ferns, and African violets. There are many beautiful species of plants that can thrive in an office setting.

Personal photos can be a great addition to your cubicle as well. You can pin them up on the wall bare, or you might choose to get an attractive frame. Framed photos can be hung up or displayed on your desk. Photos of family and friends can cause an immediate positive mood change. Looking at a loved one smiling can make you smile without even realizing the emotion.

If you or someone you know is an artist, hanging up original artwork could be the elegant touch your cubicle needs. Having paintings or photographs of flowers, landscapes, and animals can significantly improve the drab walls of your cubicle.

Natural lighting can be hard to come by in a cubicle. Lack of sunlight, especially in winter, can cause your mood to be low. Adding a lamp that emits white light can greatly improve your mood.

Decorating your cubicle is a fun, rewarding experience. If you’re not sure where to get started, looking online for inspiration is the first step. There are numerous fun and exciting ways to decorate your workspace – get to it!

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Different Computer Desks



Today, computer desks are a staple of every office and most homes. About as many kinds of computer desks exist as there are people who use them. When choosing a computer desk, it’s important to have a good idea of the available options.

Shape is an important computer desk characteristic. The straight computer desk is the most commonly used desk shape. It’s what it sounds like – a straight panel. It can be contrasted with the corner desk and the L-shaped desk. Corner computer desks are designed to fit into the corners of rooms. Therefore, they tend to be square rather than rectangular like straight desks. The chair is placed in the 90 degree crook of the desk, rather than parallel to the desk. L-shaped computer desks are similar in design to corner desks but rather than being square, one of the sides is extended to create the shape of a capital L.

Different shaped computer desks offer various advantages. Straight computer desks give a classic look and tend to have the greatest variety of options in design. Corner and L-shaped computer desks can work great as space savers. They also allow for easier access to the items on the desk than those that are straight.

Computer desks can often be purchased with hutches, which offer great storage space. These can also hold the computer your desktop monitor is attached to.

Another characteristic of computer desks is the material from which they are constructed. Common computer desk materials include wood, laminate, and plastic.

Wood gives a computer desk a traditional feel. There are many types of wood from which computer desks can be made, such as oak, pine, mahogany, and others. Wood is an elegant, beautiful material for a computer desk, but does tend to be expensive and requires proper care. Wooden computer desks chip and scratch easily, and proper care of the desk is essential to ensure it remains in good shape.

Laminate desks are a common choice when wood is too expensive and requires too much care. Laminate can be printed to look like anything, and is often printed to look like wood. It’s lighter, cheaper, and easier to care for.

Plastic desks tend to be the most mobile. They are light and can easily be transported from site to site.

Picking the right office desk requires careful thought. There is a desk out there for all unique needs, and with research, it can be found.
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The Importance of Ergonomic Office Chairs

office chairs

The number of people working in computer-focused offices is higher today than ever before. Most of us earn our living by sitting down all day. The more time we as a population spend sitting, the more research is pointing to its consequences when done incorrectly. By sitting in a poor office chair, we are at risk for multiple health problems.


The list of health issues caused or exacerbated by poor office chairs seems endless. A bad office chair can cause circulation problems by elevating the legs too high, or by constraining one’s position. Back pain is also a common result of a low quality office chair. The human spine has a natural curve. Office chairs that have flat backs tend to cause the lower back to flatten out. This can lead to pain all over the back, especially in the lower portion. With the presence of the sciatic nerve, lower back strain can also cause shooting pains down the legs. Lower back problems can cause mobility issues later in life.


A bad office chair causes problems not only in the back. Pain in the wrists, elbows, neck, and shoulders are common results of poor office chairs.


When severe all-over pain develops, it can be hard to believe that the solution might be as simple as an ergonomic office chair. However, the effect of sitting correctly at work can’t be overestimated. An ergonomic office chair can prevent these health issues as well as solve them after they have arisen.


An ergonomic office chair is comfortable. Being comfortable at work promotes a sense of well-being and helps boost productivity and mood. The proper posture and muscle engagement that ergonomic office chairs promote has effects all over the body. By allowing the spine to maintain its natural curve while seated, ergonomic office chairs protect the lower back from unnatural strain. The muscles of the lower back and the core are able to correctly engage, providing lower back support that generates positive effects.


Ergonomic office chairs are always adjustable in height. This is of extreme importance when it comes to health. Correct posture at a computer desk entails feet flat on the floor (or foot rest), elbows at 90 to 110 degrees, wrists held evenly and comfortably, and the computer screen straight ahead at eye level, so the seated person isn’t looking up or down.


Ergonomic computer desks promote health, comfort, and productivity at work.

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Decorating Your Office Desk

Office Desk

Personalize It

When so much of your day is spent working in an office, there’s no reason your surroundings should be drab. In fact, research shows that there are many reasons why your office should not be drab. Since engaging, fun surroundings actually enhance your productivity and sense of well-being, why not do a little decorating?

Plants are a great way to bring life into your office – literally! A good office plant can eliminate air pollutants and reduce stress. Additionally, while your office might have rules for what you are allowed to decorate your office desk with, plants tend to be acceptable in most workplaces.

When choosing a plant for your office desk, pick something fairly low maintenance. While you’re at work you are quite busy, and you don’t want your plant to die for lack of care. A dead plant has exactly the opposite effect of a live plant when it comes to morale. Take into account the lighting situation in your office. Most offices don’t have much natural light, so you must choose a plant that can thrive in the conditions of your office.

Spider plants are some of the easiest plants to grow indoors, and are beautiful to look at. They also make great gifts. All you have to do is snip off one of their “spiderettes” and, if the gift recipient takes proper care of it, it will grow into a full size, healthy plant. Cacti are also great office plants and perfect for those who don’t have much of a green thumb.

Having a color scheme in your office desk décor can greatly enhance your environment. Warm colors tend to raise your energy, while cool colors are often calming. Combining these two forces effectively can lead to you being energized, but not anxious. This can help you increase productivity and enjoy your workday more.

Consider buying a few office desk accessories. These can be very inexpensive, but still have a big effect on the overall look and feel of your office desk. Be sure to know the rules for your office when it comes to decorating. If you don’t want to ask, a good way to figure it out is to see what your coworkers are doing.

Decorating your office desk is fun, and has great benefits. Having a beautiful work environment is stimulating and can make you excited to get to work every day. Get started today!

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Tips for Correct Computer Chair Posture

If you sit at a desk for extended periods of time, you need to know the proper practice for sitting in a computer chair.

If you are sitting at your computer all day for work, it’s important to sit correctly. Sitting with incorrect posture for extended periods of time can lead to pain throughout the body. Back pain from poor posture is a well-known side effect of sitting incorrectly, but did you know that your mood and digestion can also be affected by poor posture?

If you sit at a desk for extended periods of time, you need to know the proper practice for sitting in a computer chair.

Tips for Proper Posture

  1. Take frequent breaks. Many of us don’t slouch or sit improperly when we first sit down. Poor posture happens over time as we become focused more on the task at hand rather than how our bodies are positioned. Getting up from your computer chair frequently can help prevent soreness and give your eyes, shoulders, and back a break.
  2. Invest in an ergonomic computer chair. Many office furniture companies focus on selections of chairs that have been scientifically proven to improve pain associated with sitting improperly. Some styles even encourage movement while you’re sitting for the added bonus of light exercise.
  3. Make sure your hips are squarely against the back of the chair. This will ensure that you aren’t overarching your back as you sit.
  4. Keep your feet flat on the floor. The position of your feet impacts the position of your spine. For proper spinal alignment, you should avoid crossing your legs.
  5. You should easily be able to reach your keyboard. Having to reach too far or hover your hands over a keyboard that is too close to your body can cause arm and wrist strain. Find armrests that support your movement on the keyboard and allow your wrists and elbows to remain relaxed while you type.
  6. Keep your shoulders back. Without adopting an overly stiff posture, lift your shoulders and roll them back. This is the position in which you should sit and stand regularly. Instead of trying to force yourself to maintain this position for extended periods of time, work up to it by reminding yourself every 20 minutes to readjust your posture.
  7. Start doing yoga. Even if you don’t enjoy yoga as an exercise practice, doing simple yoga routines regularly can help you teach your body to maintain proper posture throughout the day. Over time, yoga can make sitting in your computer chair become more natural.

As with building any new habit, it may take time for you to maintain your posture over an extended period of time. Have a work colleague help by reminding you to sit straight or set a reminder on your phone or computer so that you can make the necessary adjustments throughout the day.

Building healthy sitting habits can go a long way toward improving your overall health, especially if you sit at a computer chair for most of the day. In addition to less pain, you might also find that your productivity increases when you use proper form while sitting.

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Arranging Your Reception Desk

Reception Desk

 Arrange Your Reception Desk

For the health of the receptionist and improved client service, organizing the reception desk is very important. You may not have considered that there is a best way to arrange reception, but there is. The reception area is the first line of communication your office has with clients. Making sure your receptionist is well taken care of and that the desk is appropriately arranged can enhance the first impression you make on a client.

Crucial steps happen at reception. Your client is greeted, either by a welcoming smile or an impatient scowl; ideally, it is the former. Reception workers have the potential to gain and lose clients for your business all in those first few moments of interchange. Clients also receive important information at the reception desk that can impact their future decisions. How can you arrange your reception desk for the best possible client experience?

1. Think about ergonomics. A receptionist with poor posture or a poorly arranged work station can come across as unprofessional, regardless of demeanor.

• Invest in a chair that promotes posture and support for the person who is required to sit there all day.

• Computer keyboards should be at a height that leaves the receptionist’s wrists level and not floating or bending to type.

• Include a stand up option so your receptionist can change levels to maintain health while assisting clients.

• Make sure monitors are visible at eye level to prevent neck and shoulder strain.

2. Add green plants. Green plants can appear welcoming to incoming clients and have the added benefit of cleaning the air around the reception area. Plants in high traffic areas may work to improve or maintain the health of anyone who travels through your office reception space.

3. Declutter. Keep the reception area neat, without stacks of files or food bags that can be distracting to clients.

4. Change the lighting. Having natural lighting is important to help people who come into your reception area feel welcome and at ease. Consider adding a desk lamp with soft lighting to the reception area to change the surrounding atmosphere.

5. Add a fountain. A small water fountain at or near the reception desk provides calming ambient sound as well as a peace promoting visual. If your office is high stress, a small fountain can help clients and visitors relax before an appointment.

6. Promote information and items. Clients may find themselves waiting at a reception desk for several minutes, and having easily accessible service or product information can increase sales. If you sell small items that may be added to a purchase, consider featuring those at the reception desk, as well. There is a reason many big box stores add trinkets and snack foods in the checkout lines. Impulse buys account for a large portion of sales.

7. Serve coffee, tea, and water. With a variety of single cup coffee machines on the market, many companies are adding one to the reception desk area. It is a value add that lets clients and customers know you are thinking about their wellbeing while they wait for service.

Arrange Your Reception Desk

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Computer Chair Discomfort



Do you experience seemingly unexplained back pain? Your computer chair might be the culprit.

It’s a common misconception that body pain, especially back pain, is merely part of getting older. However, there are plenty of people who grow happily into old age without a painful day in their lives. While many causes of back pain exist, some are more common than others. Back pain can be caused by long hours of sitting in a computer chair – which describes many people’s work day.

Why would my chair be hurting my back?

Poorly designed computer chairs do not provide the support you need. If you were sitting in a bad computer chair for only a few hours every month, this probably wouldn’t be a problem. It’s very common in today’s world to spend over 40 hours a week sitting in the same chair. And if this chair isn’t a good one, this can be a big problem.

A computer chair with a flat back causes the lower spine to flatten out. The human spine has a natural curve. When this curve is flattened, the spine is strained, which leads to back pain. One would think this pain would be localized to the lower back, where the problem is occurring. However, the nature of the spine is its connection to the rest of the body. When the lower spine is strained, pain can radiate all over the back as well as down one or both legs. More serious than pain, prolonged poor lower spine support can lead to mobility problems later in life.

Poor computer chairs also neglect support in other areas of the back and body. If the seat is not supportive enough, the legs might end up elevated, leading to circulation problems. A poor back rest can also lead to upper back, neck, and shoulder problems.

What can I do?

If your back pain is stumping you, the best thing to try is a new computer chair. A good computer chair has several important characteristics. The seat height should be easily adjustable. When you are sitting at your desk, your feet should be flat on the floor or a footrest. Adjustable seat height can let this happen.

The chair should also have proper lower back support. When you sit in an ergonomic computer chair, the natural curve of your spine should be preserved by the chair. A good computer chair will have an adjustable lower back section to fit your specific needs.

Conduct research to find the correct chair for you – freedom from pain can be as easy as sitting down

Buy A Computer Chair

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Benefits of the L-shaped Desk

l shaped desk | Buy l shaped desk | Best  l shaped desk

Why You Should Get The L-Shaped Desk

No matter what kind of office you are creating, a desk is a necessity. There are a wide variety of different desks from which to choose. One practical, aesthetically pleasing type of desk is the L-shaped variety.

Space is an important consideration when buying an office desk. Whether you are building an office in the home or outside of it, oftentimes space is a limited commodity. L-shaped desks are a great solution when you don’t have much space in your office. They can be arranged to make use of a corner, which tend to be the least utilized parts of any room. Fitting an L-shaped desk into any angle allows for a great workable space while still maintaining free space to walk around a room.

L-shaped desks are also uniquely designed for a multi-purpose office. Most offices require a desk for a computer monitor. However, the presence of a computer can easily cut into the space you have on your desk for other kinds of work. This desk is ideal when both uses of the space are required. On an L-shaped desk, part of the desk can have the computer and the other part can be a free space for any kind of desk work, such as drawing, writing, sewing, crafts, and more.

L-shaped desks tend to be affordable without sacrificing quality and functionality. Their unique shape allows for greater leg room for the person seated at the desk. They therefore also have room for a hutch, which many of these desks come with.

Many professionals both at home and at the office share their desks. L-shaped desks are uniquely designed for sharing. Chairs can be placed on either side of the desk, and the work space can be sectioned into near portions, keeping the needs of each user in mind.

L-shaped desks are also able to have comparable working surface area to straight desks without the drawbacks. Straight desks take up a significant portion of a room. Additionally, when a straight desk is large, it becomes difficult to reach items on the far corners of the desk. L-shaped desks solve both of these problems. While maintaining a large working area, their unique shape allows for them to be placed in a room such that they do not take up as much space as their straight counterparts. The L-shape also makes it easy to reach items on all parts of the desk.

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Why A Corner Desk?

Best Corner Desk

Choosing The Right Desk

When it comes to picking out a computer desk, there are many options. One style of desk that shouldn’t be overlooked is the corner desk.

Whether you are creating an office in or outside of the home, space is often an important consideration. Corner desks can be a great solution when space is limited. They make use out of a previously unused corner to make the most of available space. A corner desk will fit into any corner and is a simple and elegant addition to any space.

Corner desks allow for more walking and floor space in a room. They also offer more legroom for the person seated. Because of their convenient, space-saving practicality, these desks are used by a wide variety of people with all types of needs.

Students find corner desks a great addition to their rooms. Whether they are younger students in need of a workspace at home or college students without much dorm space, such desks are a simple and effective solution.

When trying to build a home office or workspace, corner desks function amazingly well. While many homes have an empty room in which to construct an office, almost every home has an unused corner. Corner desks create a workspace where before it seemed none could fit.

Offering functionality benefits over straight desks, corner desks can have a large surface area to work with but not take up as much of a room as a straight desk. Additionally, when using a corner desk, the items on the desk are more easily within reach than they would be on a straight desk and therefore allow for convenience without sacrificing workable space.

Corner desks come in a wide variety of different styles, perfect for fitting the décor or any office, home, or dorm room.

It might seem strange at first to have a desk facing the wall. However, facing the wall can actually be a benefit for a workspace. Decorations, ideas, and notes can be hung on the walls a corner desk faces. Corner desks can in this way serve to keep one’s mind focused on the task, allowing for greater productivity.

Whether you are looking to create a workspace at home, in a dorm room, or in an office space, corner desks are a smart solution. They save space in any room without giving up a large, workable surface area, and can enhance productivity and focus.

Ergonomic computer desks promote health, comfort, and productivity at work.

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